Naxos' Beaches

As is clearly evident, Naxos is much more than exquisite beaches. However, Naxian award‐winning beaches are a must on anyone’s visit here. Naxos has twenty kilometers of southwest coastline, full of fine white, sandy beaches with rolling dunes, and crystal waters in shades of turquoise and sapphire so inviting it is nearly impossible to resist. It has some of the world’s most notable beaches, with waters whose luscious hues of Aegean blue, words are simply incapable of describing.

From Hora heading south:

1) Agios Georgios (St. George), home to Kymata Hotel, is 300 m south of Hora. Its expansive, soft sand beach, with its multitude of jewel-like tones of azure blue, are simply irresistible. Quite tourist friendly with a plethora of shops and venues for everything from dining to water sports options, it is sure to please.

2)Agios Prokopios (St. Prokopios), 6 km south of Hora, is one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. This long, golden sand, family friendly beach offers a variety of water sports including a scuba diving club, as well as a plethora of tourist welcomed facilities.

3)Agia Anna (St. Ann), 7 km south of Hora, is more of a picturesque tourist resort with soft sandy beach and scintillating waters. Tourism development is advanced in the area, with lovely hotels and seaside taverns. Although it is family friendly, this sandy beach lends itself to nudity.

4)Maragas, 8 km south of Hora, with its soft sand and crystal waters, is a family friendly, seemingly endless, picturesque beach. Despite its close proximity to Hora and the more popular beach resorts of Naxos, Maragas enjoys a calmer vibe than its counterparts.

5)Plaka, 9 km south of Hora, is the longest beach, backed by rolling sand dunes, located on the western side of the island, where it enjoys a beautiful view over the neighboring island of Paros. Sandy and family friendly, it provides some windsurfing and other water sports.

6)Orkos, 10 km south of Hora and next to Plaka Beach, has soft sand and lots of green foliage. It’s quite secluded.

7)Mikri Vigla, 16 km south of Hora, is home to one of the most famous windsurfing spots in Naxos, owing to its extensive winds. This sandy beach is therefore the perfect choice for kitesurfing and other water sports of this nature.

8)Kastraki, 16 km south of Hora, is another quite beautiful beach. With its sparkling clear water, rocky ambience, and tendency to remain secluded, it’s sure to charm.

9)Glyfada 17 km south of Hora, is a beautiful, long sandy beach with transparent waters, in lovely shades of blue-green.

10)Alyko, 18 km south of Hora, provides numerous coves to explore, and its waters are crystal clear. The area is surrounded with a unique cedar forest as well as many sand dunes, which lend it an exotic air. Very secluded, it’s nudist friendly.

11)Pyrgaki, 19 km south of Hora, is a golden beach. This sandy, family friendly, beautiful beach is calmer than others on the island, as well as being quite secluded.

12)Agiassos, 24 km south of Hora, is a great choice if you desire a calm and relaxing, sandy beach, as it’s also quite secluded.

From Hora heading north:

1)Grotta, 500 m from Hora, isn’t a true beach, but actually an area of Naxos Town (Hora). This pebbled “beach” is more appropriate for snorkeling (weather permitting) than for swimming.

2)Amitis, 10 km north of Hora, is a small, isolated beach. With its strong winds, it doesn’t attract many visitors to its sandy shores, and is quite secluded.

3)Hilia Vryssi 18 km north of Hora, is a sandy and pebbled beach, protected from most winds, and is perfect for families, couples, nature lovers, and fishing enthusiasts.

4)Abraam, 25 km north of Hora, is a small, isolated, pebbled beach, perfect for enjoying a bit of privacy while admiring the region’s less beach-like landscape.

From Hora heading northeast, then circling clockwise heading south, down Naxos’ eastern coast (lesser distances are from Hora, cutting across the island):

1)Apollonas 55 km from Hora, is a very small sandy beach, flanked by taverns and shops. There are also many small boats in its vicinity. Perfect for families with small children and fishing enthusiasts.

2)Lionas 40 km from Hora, is a small beach, unspoiled by tourism, with numerous small taverns. It is perfect for nature lovers and those wanting seclusion.

3)Moutouna 39 km from Hora, has fine sand and clear sandy waters, perfect for families with small children.

4)Psili Ammos, 45 km from Hora, is a secluded sandy beach in close proximity to Moutsouna’s fishing port.

5)Panermos, 54 km from Hora, is a sandy, secluded, family friendly beach. A few trees can be found there to offer a bit of shade.

6)Kalantos 38 km from Hora, is a remote, seemingly endless, sandy beach, with crystal blue and green waters; from here, you have a vantage point of the island of Iraklia across the bay.

A paradise on earth